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MARK KLASSEN is a Toronto Director & Director of Photography. He’s an executive producer at withRevere, a production company started by Mark to facilitate production of commercials and documentaries, and a partner at Good People Commons, a Photo/Video and event space nestled in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto.

Mark’s experience as a filmmaker and artists stretches back to his teenage years when he stumbled upon graphic design and photography. Not long after his discovery of these mediums as luck would have it, he found himself on a film set. What followed was over a decade of youth growing up surrounded by films and filmmakers in such a wide variety of genres and areas within cinema.

Over the years Mark has worked with brands such as McDonalds, Peoples Diamonds, We Day, TIFF, Ubisoft, Vice, Volkswagen, The National Football League (NFL), Pixar, and CIBC to name a few. In addition to his body of commercial work, Mark has worked on several episodes of television series including shows like Rock Icons (HBO) and 16x9 (GlobalTV). He’s also worked alongside DP’s on House of Z (2nd Unit DP), Kayak to Klemtu (DP Pickups & Reshoots), and The Definites (2nd Unit DP). His broad range of experience in production, as well as post-production, has allotted him an extensive body of knowledge that culminates in every project he takes on today, whether it’d be a Commercial, Documentary, Narrative, or other artistic endeavors.

When he’s not working on film, you can find Mark dabbling in Lighting Design, Photography, Listening to Music, playing outdoors on Lake Ontario, or experimenting and inspiring new ideas for artistic endeavors.

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142 Cawthra Avenue, Unit 200
Toronto, ON, M6N 3C2