About Mark


Mark Klassen is a filmmaker from Toronto, Canada.

In his relatively young career, Mark's keen interest in the art of filmmaking drove him to a tireless pursuit of understanding what makes a compelling story.

Over the years and thousands of miles of travel across the globe, from the most remote areas of Uganda to terrorist stricken parts of Nigeria, Mark has been chasing stories with a sixth sense. An understanding that is often overlooked in storytelling. Combining passion with empathy, a modern cinematic approach and a desire to uncover stories that need to be told, Mark’s approach has lead to his involvement in several seasons of investigative journalism TV programming in Canada, a feature documentary premiere at Tribeca Film Festival (2017), and this year access to a pressing world story in Nigeria on the impact of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

For many, work is a matter of clocking in and clocking out. But for Mark, work is a lifestyle, an open door to explore this vast world.

Adventuring from mountain tops to desolate desert planes, fulfilling his responsibility to share stories and broaden the perspective of individuals around the world. For Mark, it's just another day at the office. 

Mark has worked with many organizations including NFL, Pixar, Canon, VW, GlobalTV, CTV, Bell, and HBO.



- "Rock Icons" HBO Series Director of Photography

- "16x9" GlobalTV Investigative Series Director of Photography

- "Pillars of Democracy" CPAC 25th Anniversary Documentary Director of Photography

- Tribeca Premiere "House of Z" - 2nd Unit Director of Photography

- Whistler Film Premiere "The Definites" - 2nd Unit Director of Photography

- Imagine Native Premiere "Kayak to Klemtu" - Director of Photography Pickups & Reshoots